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You can book here, or you are welcome to call our training center at +62 878 7749 6524 (WhatsApp only). Thank you for considering us and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Application Process

BY joining the Integrated training center for individuals with special needs, you will be helping your child redefine what it means to be successful, to emphasize his or her own strengths and talents, and to cultivate a lifelong love of learning.


Admission Fee

PROSPECTIVE trainee who wish to apply to the Integrated training center for individuals with special needs will need to first complete an Application Form and pay an Application Fee in order to be considered against our admissions criteria and be offered a placement.

Training Center Calendar

WE welcome new applications on a rolling basis throughout the academic year and each application is considered in chronological order of submission. Please contact our Admissions Team for further details.


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