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Redefining Success

Welcome to the Integrated MATALESOGE hospitABLElity Academy


WHILE the meaning of Mata Le So Ge itself is taken from the language of Manggarai, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT) which means ‘You Are My Sunshine’.  Handling for  special needs adult is complex, including handling physical, sensory, cognitive, emotional and interactional abuse.

For this reason, MATALESOGE hospitABLElity Academy is a collaboration between several professionals engaged in the field of special needs. This it was formed in earlier of 2019 by starting several public services either by providing training to professionals in the field of special needs, providing counseling to parents, holding exhibitions or providing other services for the advancement of individuals with special needs.

Creating innovative programs in special needs areas. Having good cooperation and links to several industries in the areas of tourism, hospitality, schools and some of the best institutions engaged in special needs. Is one place that can bridge/bridge between the public industry sector and the world of special needs services.

Founded in 2019 by Tommy Hermanses and Edhie Rianto. These MATALESOGE hospitABLElity Academy is built on the principle that every individual with special needs is capable of success that goes beyond one definition. We believe that success spans across a wide spectrum of possibilities. We know that two individuals with special needs who participated in this training are the difference, and that no individual with special needs has the same response to learning in every situation – and that’s a great thing!

Our ultimate goal is to challenge our students with special needs to achieve the highest level of their own personal definition of success. Whatever their learning style may be, our educators are uniquely qualified to adapt lesson plans to each individual with special needs trainee’s strengths or preferred intelligence.

Supporting your child with special needs along their own path to success is what we work towards every single day. We believe that every individual with special needs deserves a great quality education and the opportunity to be independent and successful human being. From this belief stems our motto that every individual with special needs can be successful with a personalized education.

The important things that MATALESOGE hospitABLElity Academy provides opportunities for individuals to not only practice to work in theory but are given the opportunity to practice in partner hotels. And also provides a national certificate of graduation.

We think outside of the box and we want your children with special needs to know it’s more than ok if they do the same.

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